Funerals are usually booked through contact with the undertakers, who will in turn contact the parish office and the Administrator.

The death of a relative or a friend is always a difficult time. It is a time when we need the support of our loved ones and our neighbours as we mourn the loss of someone who is dear to us. It is also a time when we may experience grief and anguish and some sense of being forsaken.

There are various elements in the funeral of a member of the Church. The first is the vigil and this is often the first time family, friends and members of the parish community gather in remembrance of the deceased, for prayer and support.

The vigil may be celebrated in the home of the deceased, in the funeral home, or in the church. The Funeral Mass is celebrated during the morning Mass at 10am or alternatively at 11am. The parish will make every effort to accommodate the needs of the bereaved.

Months Mind/Anniversaries

If a family wishes to have a Month’s Mind/Anniversary Mass celebrated they should contact one of the priests or the Parish Office at (01) 831 6016.


Remembrance Plates on Church Pews for the deceased

A special form is available for those wishing to avail of this proposal. Please contact the Parish Secretary for more details. It should be noted that all donations received are for the Church Refurbishment Fund.