Preparation for Confirmation is co-ordinated with the local primary schools. The Church in the parish seeks to encourage children to develop a fuller union with Christ and greater familiarity with the Holy Spirit. Children are made aware that they are becoming full members of the local parish community and are united with the many other followers of Christ throughout the world.

While the home is the primary learning place, each parent/guardian will be asked to take on a special role over the next few months, to journey with your child as they prepare to receive the sacraments, as there is only so much that can be taught in school. Our teachers do a wonderful job in preparing the children the children for their special, but ‘home is where the heart is’. And the home is the domestic church, where our children are influenced by what they see and learn.

Adults receiving Confirmation will usually do so as part of initiation into the Church. In this context the sacrament follows immediately after Baptism and precedes Eucharist.

Look out for notices about the annual Confirmation dates in the Newsletter and on the website.